Under the traditional manufacturing model, industrial production and the demand for personalized products are difficult to reconcile. Intelligent manufacturing can effectively solve the issue, transforming from mass production of traditional manufacturing to personalized and customized products, eliminating finished product inventory and sales linkage under traditional business models, and comply with the new business operation logic from customer demand to production and supply. Intelligent manufacturing is the development trend and the direction of upgrading and transforming the manufacturing industry. The application could economically improve the manufacturing efficiency, prompt Good Mark group to nurture brand-new business models, and enable the company to have sustainable operation capabilities in market competition and create business vitality.

Good Mark group has invested in fully automated intelligent manufacturing system which will be applied in TechXanadu – our Chong Qing branch factory, by constructing from the foundation of intelligent manufacturing system with the two-way open on process data with our injection machine suppliers. The operation and production are fully supported with intelligent compressed air system, power supply monitoring system, intelligent water circulation system and automatic feeding system. The systematic operation assures efficient and high-quality production, which provides customers higher quality, higher reliability and comprehensive solutions and services.