The warehouse QR code system is widely used for the whole management process, scanning the QR code can automatically generate the corresponding data information, which prevents the operational mistakes and error. The QR code warehouse management system realizes real-time data transmission and first-in-first-out control, reduces communication costs, improves work efficiency, and ensures real-time and effective internal data. The QR code makes warehouse management intelligent and the advantages as below:

  1. Warehouse automation

There is no need for manual documentation on goods transfer. Make up documents for goods entry or exit are no longer required. The QR code warehousing management system can automatically generate in stock information and submit warehousing information, A real time on-site situation could be presented throughout the process.

  1. Tally

Whether you remember the inventory location or having trouble on finding the items after goods moving, the QR code inbound and outbound management system can quickly generate the goods information in a respective locations, and it can quickly update on information change.

  1. Accurate inventory

It is not necessary to have hard copies on inventory record, there is no need to manually record goods information and summarize inventory, the QR code warehouse management system can automatically summarize the information you need.

  1. Standardized Process

The QR code management system includes the access process and the internal management process of the warehouse. The warehouse management has no blind spots and can greatly improve work efficiency.

  1. Data analysis

The back end of the QR code warehouse management system can provide the data generated by various warehouse operations, and display the data with analysis, so that managers can clearly know the warehouse operations and warehouse performance.

  1. Clarify responsibilities, improve work efficiency and reduce errors

The QR code entry and exit management system replaces the manual operation method in the previous warehouse operations, which reduces the time for manual inventory handling and avoids manual input errors.

  1. Intelligent report 

Support the management with report functions on various work process record, schedules and statistical analysis to provide references for decision-making on warehouse operations.