Based on security considerations, Good Mark Group began to set up the face recognition system plus temperature measurement system and license plate recognition system for individuals to be entering and exiting our sites.

The system is based on face recognition technology, with the gates and temperature measurement integrated machines to identify the information of entering and exiting personnel. It helps to verify identity and body temperature detection, so that everyone enters and exits the factory can be accurately recorded. Comparing to the old card swiping system, potential security risks are improved. The face recognition system does not only improve the privacy and safety of the sites, but also systematically facilitates attendance management and reduces relevant costs.

System control is not only limited to personnel. Good Mark Group also conducts strict inspections on entering and exiting vehicles. License plates will be automatically recognized when entering and exiting the sites. If the license plates have not been filed, the cars will be required advance notification and approval prior to entering Good Mark, which will help to improve the management accuracy and efficiency.